The Northern Shores of the Pär Zee


Hundreds of miles to the north of Del Reloes, beyond Erelund, Vegel Stanz, and the Donkahst Kingdom, there is a wild region known as the Northern Marches, or simply, the Northlands. Entry to this wilderland from the south lies between the Maldemat and where the Ritheganzet turns northward. Between this “gate” lies the Cold Marshes which lead up to the Maldemat, and the Faalen Uplands. On most modern maps, the region northward is blank. Written are the words “Here Be Dragons.”

Yet rumors persist that civilization once extended beyond the uplands and marshes. These tales speak of cities built from the wealth of gold and diamond mines, ancient ruined castles that still hide much wealth, and strange stone megaliths that giants built in a time of legend. Sometime in the past, civilization ceased in the Northlands but the Coldmare valley is rumored to be making strides at re-conquest. Life is hard in the valley but little by little progress is being made and men speak of fortunes made by those willing to risk everything.

The adventurers have come to the Northlands lured by the legends of this vast wealth supposedly hidden in ruined towns and keeps. They have come to Frosthaven, looking for opportunities not found in lands to the south. Frosthaven is largest known town, on the northern shores of the Pär See. Beyond Frosthaven, are the two stockades, one that guards the only trail leading to the mining village of Mirten and the other guarding the path to Woodmir.

Life in Frosthaven is rough, but it still offers a sanctuary from the wild country with much of the land in its immediate vicinity given over to sickly crops and pasture lands. The few farms found around the town scratch out a living growing vegetables and fodder for livestock. Characters can find most goods needed in town. The stockades are military outpost, with no luxuries at all. Mirten is a mining town for condemned criminals and debtors, overseen by harsh masters and Woodmir is a fishing and logging village on the edge of civilization. In all the settlements laws are harsh. Disturbances are not tolerated. Those venturing outside these settlements can expect no help. They are on their own.

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The Harsh Northlands