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Sapientia et Veritas


Common “Knowledge” in Domikka

The world is larger than your characters will ever know. As they explore, remember these facts of medieval life:

  • Almost all common folk live and die within a few miles of their birthplace.
  • Overland travel is dangerous and expensive. Most peasants can afford only to walk.
  • Cultural variation is measured in towns and valleys not nations and continents.
  • Most commoners are illiterate.
  • Rare is the man who has traveled more than 20 miles from his home.
  • There is no reliable form of long-range communication.

While most peasants are unable to read that does not mean they are completely detached from their surroundings. Oral tradition and religious ritual makes up the widest base of the common folks’ knowledge. Within these constructs themes emerge common across all classes of society. Those commonalities are detailed in the next few sections.

Common Domikkan Customs and Beliefs
The Physical World
Enemies of Man

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