The Harsh Northlands

Deep Into the Gobelgart
Adventuring ain't easy but it sure is fun...

It has been almost three months since the excursion into the decrepit keep on the outskirts of Bröt and word has spread about the band’s heroic deed. The small hamlet, hearing of the party’s return to Frosthaven, pooled its resources and gifted those that survived a sum of 52 gold emperors. Life was mostly easy after the heroic deed, but time stops for no man and the party’s coin purses are once again becoming light. Gathered again at the Crimson Bard you discuss options among themselves.

The Party once again gathered at the Crimson Bard to share news, local gossip and decide how to best earn some coin. Deciding to locate a hidden temple in the swamp east of the Mistwyk, the group hired a couple fishing skiffs and set off to the east. Arriving in Mistwyk the group set about trying to narrow down the location of the rumored temple only to be provided vague rumors and tales of past glory seekers who never returned.

Undeterred, the party set off to the east to find the swamp and later the temple. The forest proved too much for the under-equipped party and after discovering a derelict underground shine in the woods they returned to Mistwyk after two days in the wilderness.

During the second excursion a day or so later the group returned to the wilds, this time setting a more northernly course. With new respect for the forest, the group made camp after noticing they were being followed by some sort of evil looking green skinned creature. During the night, suspecting an ambush the party remained vigilant and broke camp during the night to avoid a possible imminent attack.

The next day through the harsh wilderness the party pressed on an finally made progress into the swamp. The first night in the swamp proved to be dangerous when during the night an attack by a giant centipede bit Jonas and put him into a coma. Deciding that their newly incapacitated party member was too much of a liability and packed up and headed back to Mistwyk by makeshift raft. Once there they spent the night and regrouped and headed back to Frosthaven to lick their wounds.


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