Enemies of Man

Evil of the World

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Scholars and theologians place the unnatural creatures of the world into four broad categories: goblins, giants, demons, and dragons. All four display a host of different characteristics, yet all four have one unifying trait: hostility toward humans.

Goblins of the Woods

“…and thus, the Imperik nation of Hob-gobel became cruel and wicked. They broke Virtoaa’s covenant. They betrayed their Imperik blood. They debased themselves before false idols and degenerated their seed among lesser men and animals…”
—The Book of Virtoaa (Beginnings 24:6-8)

Goblins are thought to be the most degenerate of the three races, given their aversion to sunlight and small stature, but they retain a human cunning. They inhabit forest, hill, and mountains and other places neglected by human civilization.

Demons of the Earth

“And Virtoaa spoke: ‘No. Asmodeus shall make his perversions. Asmodeus shall make his creations. These are not the true spirits of life, but corruptions of matter. These Demons of the Earth shall be a lesson to humanity. For all of mankind, these Demons of the Earth shall be a blessing and a curse. For humanity must make peace with itself, lest these perversions war upon them. Humanity must cling to my commandments and maintain my covenant, lest these false creations corrupt them. The Demons of the Earth shall be a true sign of my covenent, for I shall protect humanity. And the Demons of the Earth shall be a true sign of my wrath, if humanity breaks my covenant.”
— The Book of Virtoaa (Beginnings 9:15)

Demons of the Earth are the basest form of life. They are not dead, or undead, but are corruptions of the natural earth.

Giants of the Mountains

Folklore persists of a time before Virtoaa created the first humans, when Giants and Dragons ruled the world and fought a perpetual war. Both races of creatures destroyed one another by Virtoaa’s hand, allowing humans to prosper. Both Giants and Dragons retreated to the remote places of the world, with Giants establishing their settlements within the hills and mountain ranges.

Dragons of the Air

Earlier chapters in the Book of Beginnings tell several tales about Dragons enslaving human tribes or using humans as fodder in their conflicts with Giants of the Mountains. They are known to be vile evil creatures who use humans as pawns in their schemes.

Enemies of Man

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