The Religion of Virtoaa

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The Book of Virtoaa

But when good Virtoaan boys and girls reach the age of accountability (in most places this is the age of seven), a local reads to them (in low Imperik) the book of Beginnings. After reading aloud how Virtoaa cast down Asmodeus from Heaven followed by Domikka’s creation story, the child is given a sweet to eat. This is to reinforce that learning about Virtoaa’s plan is a sweet joy. Also, learning that the Lord of Evil exists in the center of the world can be frightening to a child. The candy or sweet can soften this realization.

The Book of Virtoaa is a compilation of books passed down through the centuries through Imperik, and later all of Virtoaan Cultures. Most people are unable to read the Book of Virtoaa but are educated on it by their local Priest.


Souls are intangible and indestructible semi-sentient or sentient energies that animate corporeal forms. All souls originate from Virtoaa.
Only humans are capable of sentient souls. Sentient souls are eternal (have existed in one form or another) have free will (that is, the power to make moral choices). Therefore, only humans are capable of choosing between good and evil, Heaven and Hell

Dealing with the Dead

While the actual burning rites change from local to local the general principal regarding the disposal of the dead is that all dead human bodies need to be burned, preferably in nearest Burning Place. If a Burning Place is not nearby, unavailable or the body is three or more days old, then a pyre shall be constructed and the body shall be burned on top of it.


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