The Physical World

The World of Domikka

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Heavenly bodies

No matter what heretical astronomers and astrologers decree, Domikka is the center of the universe, the center of Virtoaa’s creation. To see and understand this, all one has to do is look up to the heavens and see the Sun slowly grace itself across the sky and over the horizon. Domikka’s two moons, Loonah and Labael, do the same. Viewers can sometimes see Loonah during the day, forming crescents and half crescents. But Labael only appears at night with its green hazy glow, for it is an evil moon unable to withstand the pure light of the Sun.

Beyond the moons and Sun are distant objects that, too, rotate around Domikka. These are seven of Virtoaa’s archangels, each with its own distinctive color. They watch, ever vigilant, waiting for the Endtimes when Asmodeus breaks free from Hell at the center of the world. It is only then, by Virtoaa’s will, that they may destroy the Evil One once and for all.

Farther still are the stars, each a lesser angel. Beyond the stars, there is Virtoaa and his light is that of creation


Hell is real to most Virtoaans of Domikka. Certainly, there are heretical cults out there. But from an empiric-rational standpoint, how can one deny the existence of hell when Demons of the Earth stalk the land? Sorcerers exist whose powers are real. Corpses are burned, not buried, to prevent necromancers animating them into unlife.

Hell exists within the earth and certain areas of the world are corrupted by openings to Hell on the surface. These cursed areas are from where many tales concerning local boogeymen originate.

The Physical World

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